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Access to supportive services for individuals aging in affordable housing communities is becoming an increasingly significant issue. Aging adults (50+) living in Ward 8 communities have a problem with access to supportive services. Primarily, the lack of access to service is due to futile coordination efforts by public agencies and local service providers. The three most needed supportive service priorities for seniors in these communities are (1) transportation, (2) home and community-based services, and, (3) food access. Improved access to such services often helps older adults remain in their homes and communities.



It is essential to increase access to supportive service for individuals living in affordable housing communities, so they can enjoy life and independence, meet public housing program requirements, and comply with leasing obligations.  To address service demands, The Legacy Collaborative Senior Village (LCSV) has built a senior's supportive service network that includes care management, transportation, and food security through a strategic alliance partnership with a community-based aging service provider. This effort focuses on extending residential longevity and reducing hospitalization and nursing home placement while enhancing the quality of life for independent senior living in the Ward 8 community.


The LCSV is co-located in the Overlook at Oxon Run, a high-rise community at 3700 9th Street, SE, Washington DC 20032. Traditionally, the village concept emphasizes creating connections and building community through “neighbors helping neighbors.” This village is unconventional and has a community-supportive service approach. More precisely, the LCSV has a three-dimensional community concept. It includes health and wellness programs, supportive services, and social interaction and engagement, intended to create personal autonomy, diversity, and independent living for aging in community.


Resources development is essential for creating supportive environments for older adults, especially for service providers seeking to support low-income individuals. LCSV continues to search for similarly aligned partners and more funding opportunities, it understands the importance of these critical factors.

To create personal autonomy and social inclusion and cohesion, and establish age-friendly livable communities that enhance the lives of aging individuals in Ward 8, while increasing their quality of life and ability to remain living independently.

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